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Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is a 100% Indigenous-owned and led company. We are committed to respecting the land, its resources, and its people everywhere we operate. This, combined with our knowledge and capabilities, makes us who we are.

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"Solutions to these issues were not coming through the available processes and policies - new approaches and significant effort would be required to identify the root causes and create systemic change."

How it Began

Fueled with Frustration

After working in the engineering consulting industry for several years, Steven Vaivada, Scout’s founder and president, noticed a pattern. The major issues and challenges that Indigenous Peoples faced were not being addressed despite the efforts of their communities, leaders, and external parties. Clean drinking water continued to be a wish rather than a right, the quality of roads and infrastructure in Indigenous Communities continued to be sub-standard, and social issues continued trending in the wrong direction. Major projects operating around Indigenous Communities have tried to engage in positive change but have lacked the hands-on experience of working with those communities resulting in missed opportunities despite significant effort.

Shaping the Future

In May 2017, Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. was created. Since then we have identified the systems and solutions needed to create reliable, fully functioning infrastructure in First Nations and Métis Communities. We share this knowledge with project proponents that share our vision of a prosperous, more equal future. Our results are significant: Scout has helped create hundreds of jobs and significant opportunities for Indigenous Peoples and Communities to participate fully in projects.

Heading towards a positive, prosperous future for Indigenous Peoples is the direction we are headed with our projects and with our clients. Book a meeting with Steven today to get started on this shared journey.

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Our Guiding Principles

Scout Engineering and Consulting's Guiding Principles. Collaborative Wisdom, Trust Consulting, Technological Stewardship

Working Hand-in-Hand with Indigenous Communities

What works for one community might not work for another - We are not a cookie-cutter process. History, beliefs, and values are unique, and we must always respect this.

On every project, Scout is committed to building mutually prosperous relationships that honour and build stronger bonds with Canada’s Indigenous Communities and creating value for its members.

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Guiding Industry Leaders to Answer the Call

Merging technical knowledge and project management with Indigenous Knowledge and community engagement is our sweet spot - We holistically combine these concepts into a powerful tool that drives projects forward and leaves both clients and communities happy.

We hope we have your attention - Together, we can build a better future. Click below to learn more.

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Our Hy-Flex Culture

  • Enjoys a collaborative hybrid work environment
  • Offers flexible work hours while meeting client & community needs
  • Empowers employee decision-making
  • Encourages greater autonomy and work-life synergy
  • Promotes authenticity at work

Scout’s hy-flex culture gives employees the flexibility to work where and how they want while continuously exceeding client expectations and fulfilling community needs.

Our culture reduces red tape and empowers team members to make decisions with confidence. Scout’s environment is inclusive and encourages employee engagement, leading to a higher level of employee satisfaction and improved retention rates.

Our Values

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Make a Difference

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Listen and Share

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Joyful Energy

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Authentic and Genuine

Quotation mark

“Scout’s hy-flex culture allows me to bridge work and personal responsibilities seamlessly. I feel empowered to operate in ways I work best, focusing on the quality of work rather than the perimeters of a 9-5 routine. I have so much more energy, motivation, and work-life synergy at Scout and will always stay grateful that our company culture promotes this flexibility in such a real way.”

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"We work incredibly hard to create a culture that allows our employees to show up whole and healthy, there's nothing like it that I've experienced."

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Does Scout feel like a good fit for you? Set up a virtual coffee chat with our HR lead and learn more about what it means to work at Scout.

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Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is permitted to practice by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists in Alberta (APEGA) and is a Canadian Aboriginal Certified Business.

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