Our Approach

Working with an Indigenous lens, Scout’s approach to projects prioritizes people, values land, and puts communities first.

We blend modern engineering, Indigenous Wisdom, project management, and procurement practices to encourage collaboration and reconciliation. By braiding Indigenous Knowledge with engineering science, we create a powerful force for engagement and mutual prosperity.

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Building Success, Together

When tackling any project, our team prioritizes creating positive outcomes for Indigenous Communities and stakeholders. By working collaboratively, we can achieve meaningful and sustainable solutions that benefit everyone involved.

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Community Driven Project Delivery

We work hand-in-hand with Indigenous Communities, incorporating their input and ideas throughout the project lifecycle. We strive to deliver projects that resonate with the community and align their values and aspirations.

Meaningful Connections

We execute meaningful community engagement and consultation activities demonstrating cultural sensitivity and respect and maintaining transparent communication. We prioritize open dialogue and active participation from Indigenous Communities raising their voice and respecting their perspectives.

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Braid Indigenous Knowledge

We forge partnerships with communities, braiding their knowledge, skills, and values into every project. We are committed to bringing Indigenous Knowledge to the forefront.

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Capacity Building

We are committed to building up others. We prioritize using local labor and equipment where possible and offer training opportunities.

What to Expect

Exploration & Active Listening

We listen first, second, and third. We define the problem, identify challenges, and explore potential solutions through independent research of the land and its Peoples. We connect with community members for their input and knowledge.

Logistics and Planning

We don't use cookie cutter processes. We analyze unique constraints and risks, consider specific limitations such as budget and schedule, and develop a detailed fit-for-purpose project plan that braids Indigenous Knowledge and technical expertise.


Proactive communication and active engagement. We value your input during this journey of co-creation. Throughout the execution phase, effective communication and collaboration are crucial.Our team adapts and responds to your preferred communication methods (e.g., Zoom, in-person, Slack, phone calls, etc.) and frequency of touch points, whether you prefer daily, weekly, or monthly updates.

Safety & Quality Assurance

Delivering better products. Throughout the project, we work hand in hand with community partners to seek input on topics such as safety, operations, and best practices. On every project, safety and quality are among our top priorities.


We’re not happy until you are. As the project approaches its end, we are not satisfied until you are. We stay committed to meeting community values while providing the final project deliverables. In the end, it’s not about Scout, but about the individuals who will experience the project deliverables firsthand.

A Brighter, More Resilient Future

Scout is more than a service provider – we are a partner. Let’s work together to honour reconciliation and strengthen our bonds with Indigenous Communities across Canada.

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Scout Engineering & Consulting Ltd. is permitted to practice by the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists in Alberta (APEGA) and is a Canadian Aboriginal Certified Business.

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